• Vegan World Alliance Formed to Promote Veganism Worldwide

    Four countries have combined forces to create The Vegan World Alliance. The Dutch Association for Veganism, Vegan Australia, Vegan Society of Aotearoa New Zealand, and Vegan Society of Canada, will together address issues around the planet and share initiatives to fulfill their individual and collective missions.

    The VWA says it envisions “a world in which all people agree that all animals (human and non-human) are or may be sentient beings who are subjectively aware of, and able to value their own lives. Everyone understands that animals therefore should not be treated as property and that every form of use or exploitation of, or harm to, animals is morally wrong”

    The core values of the VWA are as follows:

    • We unequivocally promote veganism as the only end consistent with our vision.
    • We recognize and respect differences while promoting veganism. We strive to be an inclusive movement, and we do not discriminate against, demonize or exclude humans.
    • We act in accordance with the best science available.
    • We act with a strong commitment to sharing and cooperation.
    • We only employ nonviolent and compassionate means.
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