Veganism is the Most Popular Nutrition Topic on Social Media

An analysis by market research firm Brandwatch has revealed that veganism will be the most popular nutrition and diet topic on popular social media platforms in 2018. More than half of food influencers report on plant-based diets, and posts about recipes and foods, which recorded the highest number of readers, discussed vegan alternatives – to chicken or cheese, for example.

In its annual report, Brandwatch examined social media platforms such as Twitter, Reddit and Instragram, and studied their most popular influencers and their dominant terms and topics. It turned out that 54 percent of food influencers reported on veganism on Twitter, whilst only 24 percent wrote tweets about gluten-free products and 22 percent of influencers discussed vegetarian diets. On Instagram, about 64 million new contributions and posts with the hashtag #vegan were recorded.

The vegan wave on social media could be due to consumers’ increasing health awareness. It doesn’t matter whether you see yourself as a vegan, vegetarian or flexitarian – many people are increasingly trying to integrate vegan products into their everyday lives. Articles on social media are helping to increase this awareness even further.

Brandwatch Social Data journalist Gemma Joyce reported, “There is a great potential for diversity in vegan diets, and many of the foods we associate with meat and dairy products are still accessible to vegans. We can’t compare this data with last year’s because the methodology was very different, but we can say that there is evidence that veganism is continuing to rise online.”

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