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England Introduces Vegan Vending Machine

The British company Vegan Vend is an innovative start-up whose business idea is to sell vegan snacks from a vending machine. A little earlier this year, one of these vending machines was successfully introduced in a Canadian café. The increasing demand for vegan snacks and vegan food in England is now prompting Vegan Vend to provide a similar service to local vegans.

To achieve this goal, Vegan Vend collected donations on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. The targeted goal was not only met, but exceeded. The £3,200 (about €3,620) vending machine offers customers a range of vegan wraps, sandwiches, sausages and sweets. The foods in the range are all supplied by local vegan companies such as Real Wrap Co. and Kind Cakes Mean Bakes.

The machine will soon be installed in the British city of Bristol. Located in the south-west of England, the city owes this vending machine introduction to the local demand for vegan food. The founder of Vegan Vend, Remi Toth, travelled to the centre of Bristol before the fundraiser started and offered passers-by a taste of the new food. Due to positive feedback regarding the taste and high demand for vegan food, the decision was clear and the location was seen as a good fit. Consumption of vegan food by the British is already quite high.

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