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5 Small Vegan Businesses You May Not Know That Deserve to Be on Your Radar

This week we will introduce ten small vegan businesses you may have never heard of; below are five interesting small businesses from around the world, and stay tuned on Friday for another five that deserve to be on your watch list.

From Chacino in Spain, offering vegan-friendly cured sausages, to No Frickin Chicken in the UK, serving cruelty-free chicken, these businesses are catering to the growing demand for sustainable and animal-free options.

1. Chacino – Ávila, Spain

Born from a partnership between Jamones y Embutidos Pinantes and a team of chefs and scientists, Chacino offers unique plant-based cured sausages, combining the art of traditional curing with modern food innovation. 

With a focus on honoring the heritage of past generations and expertise while looking toward the future, Chacino crafts its delicacies by replacing pork meat and pork fat with vegetable protein and unsaturated fats such as olive oil, avoiding artificial preservatives and flavorings. 

Its products, one spreadable sausage from Extremadura and a chistorra-type sausage from Navarra, are vegan-friendly, free of allergens, and are said to be packed with meaty flavors and textures, catering to the new trends of sustainable and healthy eating. 

Chacino cured sausage on tree
© Chacino

2. Vegfather – Bassano del Grappa, Italy

Operating since 1985, Vegfather is a manufacturer of vegan alternatives to meat using 100% Italian soy and other ingredients from GMO-free farming that come from controlled origins to fight against deforestation worldwide.

The company encourages a switch to plant-based diets for the wellbeing of humans, animals, and the planet. With its products, the company aims to help consumers make mindful choices regarding food.

Vegfather offers many plant-based alternatives to traditional cold cuts and cured meats, including bacon, ham, and mortadella. It also has an alternative to Parmigiano cheese and a line of tofu and seitan products. 

Vegfather plantbased ham on platter
© Vegfather

3. The Leaf Protein Co. – Melbourne, Australia

The Leaf Protein Co., a startup founded by Fern Ho and Connor Balfany, is merging the food and environment fields by unlocking the earth’s most abundant and sustainable resource: leaves.

Using unique extraction technology, the company produces plant proteins for food products that are said to offer a well-balanced essential amino acid profile. They also provide functionality features such as binding, gelling, emulsification, foaming capacity, and excellent solubility for beverage products.

As the most sustainable leaf source, the company targets saltbush and halophytic plants that can survive arid conditions, resist drought, and improve soil health to make proteins that are also beneficial for the environment. In addition, the side streams of the extraction process can be used for other applications, including packaging, animal feed, or other ingredients. 

Moreover, as regenerative crops like saltbush can be grown where traditional crops struggle, the company’s approach offers an alternative for farmers in the face of unpredictable weather patterns.

A drink made with leaf protein
© The Leaf Protein Co.

4. Flamingos Life – Alicante, Spain

Flamingos Life is a Spanish plant-based sneaker company with a mission to combat environmental and ethical issues in the fashion industry. Flamingos Life states that it believes in the power of veganism as a vehicle for change. 

The company uses materials made with corn, bamboo, hemp, organic cotton, and natural rubber extracted from the Hevea brasiliensis tree to make its shoes.

Each sneaker collection has a social project to balance its environmental impact, either reforestation, ocean cleaning, or water supply initiatives. The company has launched six different collections.

A vegan white and blue sneaker by Flamingos Life
© Flamingos Life

5. No Frickin Chicken – Worcester, UK

Paddy Kelly, a seasoned Chef, and Hana Hughes, a food marketing expert, joined forces to create No Frickin Chicken to offer “delicious” vegan chicken, cruelty-free but packed with flavor. 

Starting as a food trailer offering high-quality street food at events and concerts, No Frickin Chicken now has a permanent spot in Bromyard Terrace, St Johns, where it offers a broader menu, indoor seating, and a range of drink options.

No Frickin Chicken offers more than chicken burgers and pieces. Its menu includes baos, loaded fries, mac & cheeze, whippy ice cream, desserts, shakes, and gluten-free options. 

“It’s a place to connect, celebrate, and savor every moment. From being overly pet-friendly to our welcoming space for guests with disabilities, everyone is welcome at The No Frickin Chicken Diner!

This Friday, we will introduce five more small vegan businesses.

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