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Because Animals – Vegan Animal Feed Creates New Possibilities

Dog and cat owners can now look forward to a new way of feeding their pets. Because Animals has developed vegan pet food, and will soon be able to cater for all types of pets. With these new products, initiators Joshua Erret and Shannon Falconer want to make the animal feed market more sustainable and animal-friendly.

The project has the support of animal protection associations, animal breeders and pet owners who are committed to animal-free pet food. The aim of the company is to offer animal-free feed production for the breeding of certain animals, which will also have a positive effect on the health of the animals.

The total market volume of the German pet food market alone amounts to 4.16 billion euros. German pet owners have already spent 580 million euros on animal feed via the online mail order sales channel alone. This shows that this market has great potential, especially since vegan alternatives are rare in Germany.

And Because Animals wants to go one step further. The development of animal feed for factory farming is still pending. With this development, Because Animals would ensure that animals could be kept all over the world without other animals having to die to feed them. This is also supported by large companies such as Amazon, which have already discovered the startup. Further exciting new releases and developments will be on the agenda in future.

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