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Berlin-Based Deli-Caviar Launches Range of Vegan Caviar

The Berlin-based start-up Deli-Caviar Ltd. has been developing its business idea for vegan caviar since 2016 and finally started production in April 2019. The start-up describes its innovative caviar varieties as a “high-class category of molecular cuisine”.

According to Deli-Caviar, it uses only the best and highest quality ingredients for its products. The caviar can be used to make a variety of creative dishes, such as starters, finger foods, salads, desserts, ice cream, cakes or even cocktails & drinks. Deli-Caviar also has a recipe collection available on its website.

The vegan caviar was developed as a substitute for conventional fish-based caviar. It comes in flavours such as Rose Water Caviar and Orange Blossom Water Caviar. For more information visit

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