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The 8 Startups Pitching Innovations from Cultivated Caviar to the “New Soy” at ProVeg Incubator Demo Day

The eight startups that form the 11th cohort of the ProVeg Incubator are set to showcase their innovations at a Demo Day on December 14.

The Demo Day is the culmination of the 12-week incubator program, which teaches startups how to develop products, secure regulatory approval, and more. The pitches will be watched by food-tech investors, entrepreneurs, corporates, the media, researchers, and other industry professionals. Investors will quiz the startups about topics such as their founding team, technology, and value proposition.

The startups taking part in the event are:

  • Allium Bio (Singapore): Developing a novel technology for co-culturing microalgae and mycelium to create functional ingredients for plant-based foods.
  • Poseidona (Spain): Making algal protein “the new soy” by turning seaweed by-products into protein for use in alt seafood products such as tuna steak.
Tuna steaks made from upcycled algae by Poseidona
Tuna steaks made from upcycled algae by Poseidona, Image courtesy of Eatable Adventures
  • Cellva Ingredients (Brazil): The first company in Brazil to develop and produce cell-cultivated animal ingredients, starting with cultivated pork fat.
  • Livestock Labs (United States): Using genetic engineering to scale the cultivated meat industry by creating reliable livestock cell lines that provide genetically stable cells capable of cost-efficient growth.
  • Food 4 You (Argentina): Developing new ingredients using unique combinations of lactic acid bacteria (LAB) to ferment plant-based food.
  • Gimme Sabor (Spain): Developing natural flavorings such as seasoning blends, bouillons, and broth powders that taste like meat, fish, seafood, and cheese when added to plant-based dishes.
  • Ex Seed (Bulgaria): Developing a novel technology for the optimal extraction of sunflower protein, which is said to be a “more wholesome and nutritious” alternative to soy and pea proteins with a wide range of applications in plant-based foods and supplements.
  • Marinas Bio (Singapore/United States): Using cellular agriculture to produce seafood delicacies such as caviar by replicating sturgeon cells.
Marinas Bio to pitch cultivated caviar technology at Proveg Incubator demo day
© Marinas Bio

The Demo Day will take place both in-person and online; the in-person event is invite-only, while the online event is free and open to anyone. The incubator’s previous Demo Day in June marked the first time the event had been held in person since the pandemic.

“These startups are tackling some of the biggest challenges in alternative protein, from taste and nutrition to pricing and scaling. We have some really exciting products and technology in this new cohort and we’re looking forward to sharing them with a global audience of food-tech investors, entrepreneurs, corporates, media, researchers, and other industry professionals at Demo Day,” said Antje Rauscher, Co-Head and Partnerships Lead at the ProVeg Incubator.

You can sign up for the free live stream to see all the pitches online at this link.

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