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Singapore’s ImpacFat to Unveil “World’s First” Cultivated Fish Fat at Demo Day

After undergoing Big Idea Ventures’ five-month accelerator program in Singapore, enrolled startups are set to present their innovations to investors and corporations in the alt protein space.

Singapore’s ImpacFat, which claims to be the first food tech company to develop cultivated fish fat, will showcase its innovative product for the first time ever at the demo day on December 1st.

“Fat is essential in our diet”

The startup will hold a tasting session — granted by the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) — at Singapore’s National Gallery, the venue for the demo day.

ImpacFat's Demo Day pitching announcement
© ImpacFat

In a press release, Mandy Hon, ImpacFat’s managing director, said, “As consumers, we may think that fat is bad and want to reduce our fat intake. However, ImpacFat wants the world to know that fat can be good too! Since fat is essential in our diet, why not take the healthiest one? ImpacFat aims to give that healthiest fat that you will want to gain while at the same time protecting the animals and environment!”

Fat as a crucial ingredient

Based on IP developed by Dr. Shigeki Sugii’s Lab at the Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology (IMCB), ImpacFat has created cultivated fish fat to enhance flavour, texture, and nutrition in alternative meat or seafood products.

According to the startup, fat is a crucial ingredient in bridging the taste and texture gap between alternative and traditional foods, which may deter consumers from switching to alternative meat.

Dr. Shigeki Sugii, ImpacFat's founder
Dr. Shigeki Sugii, ImpacFat’s founder © ImpacFat

Fish fat benefits

ImpacFat argues that cultivated fish fats benefit consumers by providing omega-3 fatty acids free from mercury, microplastics, and pathogens — pollutants often found in seafood. In addition, cultivated fish fat contributes to a sustainable food system because it does not cause overfishing, intense land or water use, or significant GHG emissions. 

“Consumers want alternative proteins that exceed the taste and nutrition profiles of the conventional meat and seafood they know and love, a standard most believe the sector has not yet achieved. The addition of cultivated fish fat, developed by expert-led startups like ImpacFat, could be exactly what’s needed to take such products to the next level,” said Mirte Gosker, Managing Director at The Good Food Institute APAC.

The company, which is still in the R&D phase, expects to launch its cultivated fish fat by 2024.

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