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Livin’ the MAD Life: Vegan Handbags for Female Empowerment

A new handbag brand called “livin’ the MAD life” has been launched in Florida, selling animal-free, sustainable and vegan handbags. Behind the company is a mother-daughter team who are committed to attractive designs and animal-free production.

The name “MAD” is an abbreviation of the names of founders Megan Aroon Duncanson and her daughter Megan Duncanson. A central idea behind the new company is that, in their own words, they aim to inspire other women and emancipate them by being good role models. They want to do this by setting an example of how effective women can be in business.

The duo’s collection contains many design elements which are the trademark of livin’ the MAD life. No animal materials are used at all. The founders say, “Our products are made of polyurethane leather, so-called artificial leather. The other parts, such as handles and the like, also come from manufacturers who do not use animal products at all”.

Although artificial leather is already used by other manufacturers, the mother-daughter duo impresses with creative and solid leadership, which could give livin the MAD life real market opportunities. In addition, the company’s commitment to sustainability has already attracted support from foundations, projects and organisations committed to animal welfare.



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