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London: Allplants Vegan Delivery Service Receives £7.5 Million in Funding

The London-based UK start-up Allplants was set up as a vegan meal delivery service, to help consumers eat more vegetables and reduce their environmental footprint. According to a TechCrunch report, the company has now received new investment capital of £7.5 million through a financing round led by VC firm Octopus Ventur.

To date, Allplants has delivered more than 250,000 vegan dishes nationwide, and will continue to provide more support to its customers to help them eat a healthy plant-based diet. The start-up is convinced that our environmental footprint can be reduced through veganism, and that it also contributes positively to health. Through healthy, prepared vegan meals that can be heated up at home, Allplants wants to make this possible and do good for people and the planet.

In order to expand the business, a financing round was launched in which investors such as Felix Capital, VC firm Otiva and other donors participated. According to the start-up, this could be the largest Series A financing round in the UK ever launched for a vegan company. Allplants co-founder Jonathan Petrides explains, “Most of Allplants’ customers are not vegetarians or vegans; they are curious and looking for convenient, healthy ways to improve their busy lives. This investment is helping to drive the plant-based movement forward.”

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