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Mylkcubator Announces Second Cohort of Alt Dairy Startups

Mylkcubator, an alt dairy accelerator program by Pascual Innoventures, has revealed the five startups chosen as part of its second cohort.

The startups are:

  • Maolac, Israel — Using biofunctional ingredients to create nutrient-rich proteins inspired by milk.
  • PFx Biotech, Portugal — Commercialising bioactive and functional human milk proteins made via precision fermentation, which will be used as ingredients in pediatric and advanced nutrition.
  • Miruku, New Zealand — Applying molecular farming technologies to program plant cells and produce proteins and fats suitable for use in plant-based dairy products.
  • ERGO Bioscience, Argentina — Developing plant-derived versions of proteins previously only found in animal products, such as casein and myoglobin.
  • Nutropy, France — Producing dairy-identical ingredients using yeast.
The Miruku team. Image supplied.

Investments in previous cohort

Pascual Innoventures has also announced investments into two of the companies that took part in its first cohort — South Africa’s De Novo Dairy and India’s Zero Cow Factory. Both startups have received almost a million euros.

De Novo is developing dairy proteins via precision fermentation, while Zero Cow Factory is producing milk and dairy products using bioengineering and microbial fermentation. The companies showcased their technologies at Mylkcubator’s first demo day earlier this year.

“At Pascual Innoventures, we are convinced that only through innovation and commitment to disruptive food technologies will we be able to meet the current challenges facing not only the agri-food sector but also the global socioeconomic sector as a whole. Thanks to initiatives like Mylkcubator, we will be able to evolve towards an efficient and sustainable mixed production system that improves the lives of people, animals, and the planet,” said Gabriel Torres, director of Pascual Innoventures.

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