• New Age Meats: First Taste Test of Lab-Grown Pork Sausages

    The US-based start-up New Age Meats, which is only a few months old, specializes in the research and development of cultured meat (Clean Meat). The new company from San Francisco is a member of IndieBio’s Accelerator Program, and has already been granted $250,000 in financial capital. The start-up’s aim is to counter traditional animal agriculture with innovative and slaughter-free cultivated products.

    Only recently, a few people were invited to taste test the laboratory-grown “Farm-Free” pork sausage. They were offered three different types of sausage, made from pig cells grown in the laboratory. The reporter Erin Brodwin from Business Insider reported on the laboratory-grown sausages: “It tasted like meat. On the other hand, it is meat. The texture was clearly sausage-like. After chewing my bite, I wasn’t sure if I could have told the difference between this and any other pork sausage.”

    Other companies working on cultured laboratory meat include Mosa Meat, Aleph Farms and Just.

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