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NØKO FOODS: Sports Recovery Foods, Made For Fighters and Powered By Microalgae

NØKO FOODS from France is participating in the current cohort of the ProVeg incubator programme, founded by a professional boxer, engineer, certified coach in nutritional sciences, who states that his brand’s mission is to shape the future of fight foods, to accelerate fighters’ progression and to make them better. “We are initiating a new generation of world champions with pro performance, healthy and sustainable foods, using the highly functional power of microalgae.”

As the first in a series to find out more about the startups in the current incubator session, before they go forth and disrupt, we spoke to founder Maxence Damarey.

Tell us about the background of your startup
We, fighters, are more than 450 million in the world to practice the most dangerous sports ever. Yet, we do not all have access to the optimal nutrition that matches what we really need. Each one of us should be able, in order to fight, to eat foods that support our ultimate goal: winning! This is what we are fighting for at NØKO.

This is why I decided my next combat was to fight for us all! I teamed up with Alvyn Severien, who is an expert in microalgae and plant-based food innovation, and Olivier Dahan, who is a food trends hunter and the founder of France’s leading healthy snacking brand. Together, we are disrupting the food system and game changing fighters’ lives.

Tell us about your product
Our first product is a precise and complete recovery powder. It provides a bomb of nutrients with minimal calories, enabling anyone to incorporate it into their diet plan.

The product’s premier goal is to enhance a fighter’s recovery after hard training and sparring sessions, while still taking account of specific constraints that professional athletes endure every day.


We use an innovative blend composed of:

  • Plant-based proteins: 5 sources, in order to have a complete amino acid profile and prevent muscle loss
  • BCAAs: muscle proteins and recovery enhancer
  • Microalgaes: Spirulina and Chlorella for their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. Moreover, they enhance oxygen transport in the blood
  • Glycine, Vitamin C and Calcium: Cartilage and bones regeneration to protect both joints and bones
  • Magnesium: Electrolytic balance, pain reduction, and aids overall recovery
  • Bonus: glycine helps relaxation and digestion

There is no such functional product such as this currently on the market. Our products are very different from all the existing offers. There are already more than 300 fighters who have tested and approved NØKO FOODS, including world champions and Olympic athletes. It also differs with taste and texture: we did not put any synthetic aroma or colorants into our products. We privilege natural tastes with natural aroma and stevia.

At what stage is your company?
Our POST TRAINING has been available online for a little more than a month and is sold at two points of sale. We are working on a PRE-TRAINING innovation and functional snacks to provide fighters with the right foods at each moment of the day.

Plans for the future?
Initiators of the fight food, we have a world-leading ambition. You can play football, you can play basketball… But you don’t play fighting! So, we are ready, we train hard to beat any obstacle and become the world leader in fight food.

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