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Noquo Foods Rebrands as Stockeld Dreamery, Prepares to Launch First Product

Swedish alt-dairy startup Noquo Foods has announced it will soon be launching its first product after two years of research and development. As the launch approaches, the company has decided to rebrand as Stockeld Dreamery.

According to the company, “Stockeld” means campfire in old Swedish, while “Dreamery” is about “imagining everything that a creamery can and should be”.

The startup is planning a limited launch of its first product this spring. But despite this, it won’t be scaling back its R&D — instead, it plans to increase its efforts, hiring a further 15-20 people over the next eighteen months.

Stockeld Dreamery says it is still only scratching the surface of how plants and microbiology can be used to create tasty, nutritious products. Its focus in the near future will be on product development and focused research, with the aim of becoming one of Europe’s leading food science and development organisations.

Stockeld Dreamery noquo foods
© Stockeld Dreamery

To do this, it will be relocating to new facilities and hiring food scientists, microbiologists, chefs, sensory experts, product developers, and more.

In January 2020, the company closed a €3.25M seed funding round to help it “reinvent cheese”. In an interview with vegconomist in February, it said its aim was to “help consumers make plant-based decisions without any sacrifice”, adding that it eventually hopes to achieve price parity with dairy products.

“As we have moved from the drawing table in 2019 to building out our team and our products, we have come to much better understand ourselves,” said the company’s founders in a blog post. “During the past few months, we have gone through the process of distilling our identity into a new consistent brand that we believe much better communicates our values and bold vision to the world.”

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