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New Berlin Startup omami Debuts with Tofu Made from Chickpeas

omami, a young startup from Berlin not, of course, to be confused with Umiami, Umami Bio, Umaro, Yamami, or any other Oms or Ums, debuts with a chickpea tofu product in four varieties.

Founded by Christina Hammerschmid in October 2023, omami tofu is made with carefully selected ingredients sourced exclusively from Europe. The products are produced in the company’s own production facility and the company guarantees short supply chains.

Chickpea-based tofu caters to consumers with allergies and unable or unwilling to consume soy products, or are simply interested in a novel protein, and has become a popular solution in recent years. Other chickpea-based tofus currently available on the market include products from Big Mountain in Canada; Franklin Farms in the US; Moonbeans of Illinois; Bronhill of Australia, and Kofu also of Germany.

omami range of chickpea tofu
© omami

Launching in the flavours Tasty Nature, Black Pepper, Sweet Chilli, and Smokey Twist, omami tofu consists of just three ingredients: chickpeas, water and a natural coagulant. All varieties are vegan, without soya, gluten or allergens and there are no artificial flavourings or colourings. The protein content is between 16 and 18 grams per 100 grams and is therefore as high as that of animal meat.

According to the company, omami tofu has a pleasant firmness and an umami flavour, which also gives it its name. Umami is the fifth flavour in addition to sweet, sour, salty and bitter, represents a meaty, earthy flavour, and means “delicious savory taste” in Japanese.

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