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Proveg in Berlin – First Incubator Participants Begin 1st November 2018

Proveg, the leading international food awareness organisation, has been working over the past decade with both startups and established companies to expand the plant-based food system. Proveg operates a 16-week incubation/acceleration program to build and scale food startups, in which all subjects are covered which make companies successful, and the specific needs of each startups is catered to, using their vast network of experts, food companies, distributors, experts and investors. The first batch of startups will take place on the 1st November and will include the following:

  • Plant protein dairy alternatives, founded by Nicolas Hartmann, Niklas Katte.
  • Yeap: animal analogue food products using novel source of protein, founded by Leonardo Marcovitz and Didier Toubia.
  • Cheese & Queen: probiotic cultured cashew cheese, founded by Vera Tinkova, Hristina Tancheva, and Boyan Tanchev.
  • PlantLX: plant-based casein, founded by Karim Hamdi and Arndt Grossmann.
  • Seretonina: artisanal plant-based cheeses, founded by Piotr Poleszczuk, Paula Kowalczyk, Jaroslaw Kulinski,and Marzena Gabryk.
  • Clear Meat: India’s first clean chicken meat startup, founded by Dr. Pawan Dhar, Kartik Dixit, and Dr. Siddharth Manvati.
  • Nu Pro: innovative plastic-free organic products that give back to the planet, founded by Mathias Tholey, Christian Fenner, and Thomas Stoffels.
  • Cashewbert: vegan camembert & blue cheese, founded by Anderson Santos.
  • Innocent Meat: the first startup to produce cultured meat in Germany, founded by Patrick Nonnenmacher, Laura Gertenbach, and Philipp Wolters.
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