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San Francisco: Start-Up JUST Launches New Vegan Cookie Dough

No eggs, no milk, no genetic engineering and no artificial flavours or corn syrup – that’s how the new cookie dough from “Just” is presented. The American start-up from San Francisco is expanding its product range with a variety of new flavours. But Just’s planning is still in full swing.

Just, which has long been known exclusively for its egg replacement products, wants to penetrate deeper into the American retail market. According to CEO Josh Tetrick, expanding the Cookie Dough range is a matter of course: “Our Cookie Dough has so far been an extremely successful product […] and has even become a number one seller in one of the three leading national supermarkets.”

The three new flavours Chocolate Chip, Birthday Cake and Chocolate Mint complete Just’s range, which excites the Vice President of Product Development, Chris Jones: “We couldn’t be more excited to introduce our new Just Cookie Dough line with a variety of delicious flavours and extended product formats in retail and food service. Our cookie dough is more than an average dessert – we have used the best ingredients and perfected every flavour”.

In addition to the release of the new cookie dough, the company is already working on clean meat products based on the innovation of in-vitro meat. When asked when the company would release its first in-vitro products, CEO Tetrick stated that it is still unclear what the quality and price of laboratory meat will be in the future. The first step is to wait for developments in this market.

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