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Cyprus-Based The Mighty Kitchen Wins IFE Big Business Break Competition

Cypriot alt meat startup The Mighty Kitchen has taken the top spot at International Food Expo’s first Big Business Break competition.

Along with three other finalists, The Mighty Kitchen pitched in front of a panel of judges at the event in London, UK. The prize is up to £500,000 in investment from Surya Foods, the co-founder of the initiative.

“This opens up a lot of opportunity for the company”

The Mighty Kitchen first launched in Cyprus in 2019, offering Mediterranean-style alt meat products such as strips, gyros, shawarma, and Cypriot meatballs. Breaded chicken-style nuggets and tenders are also available.

To produce the meat alternatives, materials chemistry and data modelling are used to give pea and wheat protein an authentically fibrous texture. In 2021, The Mighty Kitchen announced that it planned to expand internationally, starting with Greece.

The Mighty Kitchen
© The Mighty Kitchen

“A huge step”

During Veganuary 2023, The Mighty Kitchen arrived in the UK, quickly securing listings with leading kebab distributors and multiple food service outlets. The brand’s products are now available at over 500 locations throughout the UK, Greece, and Cyprus.

“This is a big deal,” said CEO and co-founder George Vou, speaking about the Big Business Break win. “There was a lot of competition, so even when we got into the final four it was tempting to be content with that alone. But we were so happy to win it, this opens up a lot of opportunity for the company and to be approved by respected market leaders was incredibly humbling too. It’s a huge step and an honour for the team that has worked hard to bring the brand and product range up to this level. We now look forward to partnering with Surya Foods and taking some big next steps together.”

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