• US Cargill Group Invests in Clean Meat Startup Aleph Farms

    The US company Cargill, based in Minneapolis, announced last week that it will be investing in the Israeli clean meat startup Aleph Farms, which is also sponsored by VisVires New Protein from Singapore and the Swiss Migros Group.

    Cargill identifies market potential

    The alternative meat producer Aleph Farms specialises in the creation of various meat products through cell cultivation. “This partnership combines cell-based technologies with access to global nutrition systems and supply chains to meet future consumer needs,” said Sonya Roberts of Cargill Protein North America.

    Although cultured proteins represent only a relatively small part of the company’s portfolio, there is added value in investing in innovation drivers in this area.

    According to Robert, the demand for protein is expected to at least maintain its current high level, which will open up potential for market growth in plant-based and cultivated alternatives to meat. Cargill previously invested in Memphis Meats, a company in the same sector, in 2017.

    Comprehensive investment and research in the Clean Meat sector

    Aleph Farms Ltd. recently raised $11.65 million USD in its first round of financing. Among the investors at the time were VisVires New Protein from Singapore and the Swiss Migros Group. The startup plans to build biological farms and to enter the consumer market with its cell-based steak in the next three to five years.

    This makes the company a prime example of the current extensive global increase in investments and research efforts in the clean meat sector. For example, the Coop subsidiary Bell acquired a stake in the Dutch company Mosa Meat last year, and the Japanese and Indian governments have also made extensive investments in laboratory-grown meat.

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