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Vegan Business School Launched to Empower Founders to Start a Venture

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Swiss businesswoman Mirjam Walser, co-founder of the Vegan Entrepreneurs Network, has launched the Vegan Business School to support aspiring plant-based founders who don’t know where to start.

The school is open to those of all experience levels, with applications for the first round open until the end of February. Students will benefit from a series of live programs lasting several months, where they will learn how to grow and launch a business.

Female founders are especially encouraged to apply. Women are generally less likely to have the confidence to launch a business, and Walser hopes to empower them to take the risk.

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Providing tools and support

While initiatives such as accelerator programs and pitching contests can help founders who may be at a disadvantage, they are typically geared towards established companies. The Vegan Business School will provide much-needed support for those who are just starting out, especially solopreneurs who are not necessarily looking to build large businesses.

“I know the overwhelming feeling of setting up your own business, especially for the first time, but with the right tools and support, it becomes easier,” said Vegan Business School founder Mirjam Walser. “At the moment, all eyes are on fast-scaling vegan start-ups, and the media is all about the amount of investor money raised. That is fascinating, of course, but the reality of most of the vegan businesses out there look a bit different.“

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