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Vegan Scrambled Eggs by JUST at Veggie Grill

Egg alternatives are becoming more and more popular. A recent report by “Future Market Insights” predicted annual growth of 5.8 percent for the market for egg replacement products. The American start-up “JUST Foods” has now launched a new vegan alternative to scrambled eggs. The plant-based egg is soon to be available nationwide, and is currently being offered by the restaurant chain “Veggie Grill”, amongst others.

JUST has partnered with Veggie Grill, and the popular fast food chain will offer the vegan scrambled egg as part of a breakfast burrito with vegan chorizo, black beans, salsa and dairy-free cheese. Steve Heeley, CEO of Veggie Grill, says: “As a company that offers innovative, plant-based cuisine, we are constantly looking for partnerships with like-minded brands that bring coveted plant-based products to market. For JUST, this is a big step, as Veggie Grill is the leading fast food chain in the USA.”

The scrambled egg substitute is one of JUST’s best-known new products, and has many advantages over its animal counterpart. It is based on a mung bean protein isolate, which JUST says is an egg substitute with the same amount of protein as real chicken eggs, but without the cholesterol. In addition, the product requires 77 percent less water than conventional eggs and emits 40 percent less greenhouse gases.

Soon, the company wants to bring its scrambled eggs to the retail sector. JUST co-founder and CEO Josh Tetrick has already hinted at this. The product is said to have been approved for sale in the Wegmans supermarket chain, and is also to be introduced at other retailers such as Nugget Markets, New Seasons Market, Giant and Gelsons.

JUST also wants to expand and conquer other markets. For this reason, the company has now launched a new campaign. A so-called “Consumer Action Microsite” is intended to help consumers ask local shops to introduce the product. According to the company: “Ask your favorite retailers and restaurants to offer Just Egg. You can call, email or print out a ticket to ask in person.”

The company manufactures not just egg replacement products, but other vegan alternatives too. For example, the company has also launched vegan cookie dough and is trying to produce clean meat in the laboratory. This year, the company wants to launch Clean Meat in the form of chicken meat.

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