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Vevolution Announces Pitch Event for Fast-Growing “Food as Medicine” Category

Agrifoodtech investment platform Vevolution has announced it will be hosting a virtual pitch event with the theme “Food as Medicine”. The category is rapidly gaining investor interest and includes areas such as personalized nutrition, functional ingredients, sugar and salt alternatives, and microbiome health.

Five startups will pitch at the event:

  • Sante Science — A Brazilian company using upcycled spent brewer’s grain to produce supplements that reduce chemotherapy side effects, improving cancer patients’ quality of life.
  • Sea & Believe — An Irish startup using native seaweed to produce seafood alternatives and ingredients for the food and skincare industries. The company recently launched its first seaweed farm in the Connemara region.
  • Stove — Described as an “AI dietician”, UK-based Stove simplifies recipe creation for those with diet-related medical conditions such as celiac, prediabetes, and kidney failure. The company aims to improve access to nutritional advice for those who cannot afford a dietician, and can streamline 40% of clinical tasks.
  • ZeroIN — This Canadian startup has developed a unique “Sweet Fiber”, which is claimed to be the only fiber that is as sweet as sugar and has the same functionality. The product has the potential to address increasing obesity and diabetes rates, and is also said to have a lower environmental impact than sugar.
  • Wonder Veggies — An Israeli company combining fresh fruits and vegetables with probiotics to improve digestive health and potentially address other conditions such as allergies.
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Investor panel

The startups will pitch to a panel of four investors — Amira Khatib of Bluestein Ventures, Gil Horsky of FLORA Ventures, Jenn Burka of FTW Ventures, and Subra Balakrishnan of Nourish Ventures. Each startup will have ten minutes to pitch and another five minutes to answer investor questions.

This is the second of five pitch events that will be hosted by Vevolution in 2024. Startups that have previously pitched have gone on to make significant connections and successfully raise capital.

The event is exclusively open to Vevolution Premium Investor Members, though investors who are interested in becoming members can request a wildcard to attend. It will take place online on April 25 at 11:00 am ET.

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