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Vevolution Reveals the 6 Startups Participating in Pitch + Plant 2023

Vevolution — an investment platform for plant-based and cultivated companies — has revealed the six startups that will be taking part in Pitch + Plant 2023, the platform’s final and largest pitch event of the year.

They are:

  • Alcheme Bio – Improving the taste of cultivated foods using ML-driven compositional analytics and flavor media supplements.
  • Esencia Foods Creating affordable, natural seafood alternatives using solid-state fermentation of mycelium.
  • Genuine Taste – Developing customizable cultivated fat to texturize alternative meat products while also improving their taste.
  • Livestock Labs – Creating customized cell lines to help cultivated meat companies save money and time. The startup uses advanced genetic engineering and technology to streamline cell line development, reducing costs and accelerating innovation.
  • Mi Terro – Developing ocean-degradable and home-compostable packaging materials made from excess food.
  • Seed to Surf – Using whole vegetables to create plant-based seafood alternatives. All products are sold in plastic-free, zero-waste packaging.
Alcheme Bio. Image supplied.

“Extremely excited”

The investor panel for Pitch + Plant 2023 includes REWE Group, SparkFood, Alwyn Capital, and Nicoya Capital, all of which aim to invest in a more innovative and sustainable food system. While the event is open to investors outside of Vevolution, all participating investors must register and be verified.

Vevolution has hosted several pitch events throughout the year, including an event in July featuring companies such as Willicroft and Cultimate Foods. In 2022, the platform raised $330,000 in seed funding and announced a partnership with the Vegan Investors network.

“Vevolution’s demo days have been attended by close to 1,000 investors globally since 2020. Investors depend on Vevolution to provide a variety of deals across the sustainable food supply chain and related verticals. I’m extremely excited about this event as our finalists are focused on B2B solutions, biotech platforms, and innovative products our community has been asking for throughout 2023,” said Erik Amundson, CEO and co-founder of Vevolution.

Pitch + Plant 2023 will take place via Zoom, on December 7 from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM EST.

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