California: New Vegan Burger from Before the Butcher

der neue, vegane B4Burger von Before The Butcher
B4Burger ©

The Californian company “Before the Butcher” is developing a new soy-based vegan burger with a taste and texture based on its meaty counterparts.Plant-based meat alternatives are becoming increasingly important, as evidenced by the developments of Dr. Praeger, Wahlburger and the retail sector. Society is also undergoing change in this area. In a US survey, nearly half of those questioned said they were in favour of a ban on slaughterhouses and a move towards animal-free meat. The company Don Lee Farms has already launched two plant-based burgers which are very similar to meat-based versions, and these have met with a very positive response from consumers. Now, Before the Butcher has launched another product.

The “B4Burger”, which is produced in California, is not only vegan but also gluten-free and made mainly from organic ingredients. According to CEO Danny O’Malley, the B4Burger will take the plant-based burger segment to a new level. He particularly emphasizes the taste and texture of the product. Unfortunately, however, consumers will have to be patient, as the burger is currently only available from wholesalers.