GRÜNEO Indoor Gardening Boxes Allow You to Grow Organic Food on Your Windowsill

Image credit Lisa Schlabitz

Berlin-based Grüneo has created what it says is the first DIY-indoor gardening box with 100% organic materials to make gardening in small spaces possible. The home gardening kit allows you to grow a small scale organic garden all year long using forgotten spaces such as the windowsill.

Barbara Cilliers

Grüneo developed an indoor box with all the materials and support you need to start easily an indoor garden from the seed phase. Each box includes 3 Seed varieties, a natural substrate for the sowing phase, biodegradable pots made of wood fiber, a plant-based fertilizer, sticks, a Starter Guide for beginner gardeners and the online Plant Coach service to offer customers a plant diagnostic anytime.

The products, which are 100% organic, plastic-free, regionally sourced and vegan, are now available for 24,90€ for a limited period of time (until March 28th) through a crowdfunding campaign on the StartNext platform. The Starter Guide explains step-by-step how to grow from seed to harvest, and offers a cooking recipe in varieties of:

  • HERB GARDEN BOX – Purple Basil, Parsley, and Chives
  • VEGGIE GARDEN BOX – Cherry Tomato, Multicolour Chili, and Red Leaf Lettuce

Co-founders Alicia and Lena say their aim is for everyone living in the city to “experience the joy of gardening and grow their food locally while living in a big city, in a small apartment.”

Windowsill Grüneo Garden Photo_ Alicia Ferrer
Image credit: Alicia Ferrer