• Vegan Startup Reaches 75% of Crowdfunding Target for Cookies that Provide B12, Omega 3 & Vitamin D

    Naanu is a Swiss-based startup producing an innovation in vegan snacks: 100% natural cookies that replace dietary supplements. “I personally hate taking pills and rarely reach for chemically made medication,” says CEO Julia Devecchi. “At the same time, I have always had a sweet tooth.”

    “Once I became vegan, I realized how many sweet products weren’t available to me anymore,” says Devecchi, and this is where the idea originated for the brand a year ago. Since then, the team has developed a novel ingredient preparation process that ensures that every single cookie (25g) provides 100% of the daily requirement of vitamin B12, vitamin D, and Omega 3, as well as providing a source of calcium, iron, zinc, and fibre.


    The cookies are all hand-made and come in three flavours: Chocolate Chip, Double Choc, and Peanuts & Choc Chip. They are also gluten-free, palm-oil free, and come in a no added sugar version which in response to customer demand. Additionally, in line with their focus on sustainability, the packaging is also biodegradable.

    With their crowdfunding campaign on wemakeit, which ends on May 28th at 18:00, naanu is looking to expand into a bigger kitchen in order to scale-up their production to bring more healthy and enjoyable products to consumers looking to have a positive impact on our planet. “We’re on a plant-based mission to create a more sustainable future”, says Julia, a 2019 graduate of the famously tough Founder Institute program.


    “We have had an amazing response so far and reached almost 75% of our goal”, says Founder Julia Devecchi, “now everything depends on the last 5 days!”

    For those interested in participating in the crowdfunder, go to https://wemakeit.com/projects/naanu-vegan-cookies

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