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20% of Mexicans are Vegetarian or Vegan

According to an article by, 20% of Mexican consumers have “reduced or completely eliminated the consumption of meat or foods derived from animals as part of the new vegetarian or vegan trends” which it notes are mostly prevalent amongst young people.

The information was collected by one of Mexico’s main gastronomic festivals, The Gourmet Show, and demonstrates that younger generations, especially females are no longer consuming meat or animal products.

Alfredo Cordero, Creative Director of Tradex, the main Mexican exhibition company that brings to Mexico the 12th edition of Gourmet Show, explained to the Mexican readers that there are now different types of diners, whereas previously there were only two categories – vegetarian and omnivorous. However in the present day, “the classification has diversified into very strict and specialized regimes, and there are figures that refer that 20 percent of Mexicans are already in a vegetarian or similar classification.” He lists paleo, vegan, frugivores, and raw vegan amongst others.

María Fernanda Villalobos, manager of Mexican restaurant Vegano Inc, the vegan trend is becoming fashionable in the country, and 60 to 70 percent of those who practice it are females seeking improved diet for health reasons. In Mexico, dietry issues are prevalent; for example a staggering one in three people are reportedly lactose intolerant.

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