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70% of US Consumers Have Tried Meat and Dairy Alternatives

New research from insight agency buzzback shows the overall level of awareness of plant-based products among consumers in the US is at an all-time high, with more than half of households substituting dairy milk for oat, soy and especially almond milk. Interestingly, over 70%  also feel healthier when consuming plant-based products.

In contrast to another recent study which showed consumers are inclined to turn to plantbased but are concerned that the offerings were “bland and boring”, this study found 55% of respondents have been favourably impressed by the “great taste and texture” of plantbased alternatives.

As one respondent said: “Plant-based proteins supply my body with the nutrition needed to fuel my daily activity. They contain all the things my body needs without the extra calories, cholesterol and other bad things. They also are much easier to digest and process”.

The study shows:

  • Over 80% are aware of plant-based products
  • 70% have already tried meat and milk substitutes
  • 56% are also aware of plant-based cheese products
Plant based milk substitutes  Have tried  
Almond  93% 
Soy  63% 
Coconut  66% 
Cashew  38% 
Oat  32% 
©Beyond Meat
Plant based meat substitutes  Have tried  
Beans  67% 
Beyond Meat  67% 
Tofu  65% 
Portobello mushrooms  47% 
Tempeh  16%

While plant-based products generally fall into the dairy alternatives and meat alternatives categories; six in ten US consumers are also interested in other plant-based categories such as cruelty-free beauty, suggesting new opportunities for brands looking to innovate and meet consumer needs in new ways.

Additional Plant-Based Categories  Would consider purchasing 
Shampoo/conditioner  56% 
Skin care  56% 
Savory snacks  54% 

Carol Fitzgerald, Founder and CEO at buzzback, said “Plant-based is booming and provides plenty of opportunities for many brands in different industries. However, with popularity also comes competition. So, in order for brands to be well equipped and really stand out they need to focus on what consumers are craving – what is trendy – and be able to innovate, develop new products, and communicate differences effectively”. 

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