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Balpro Publishes German Landscape for Alternative Proteins

Since March 2019, Germany has had an association for alternative protein sources based in Düsseldorf, the association is Balpro. This interest group is to act as an independent interface between the media, industry, research, consumers and politics.

The association has now published a first overview of the players in the field of alternative proteins in Germany. It is certainly not complete, but balpro is looking forward to any information on other players.

The new association is committed to the following goals:

  • A more sustainable funding policy and low-threshold access to funding for projects involving alternative protein sources
  • Promoting investment in sustainable raw materials
  • The provision of transparent and comprehensible information

Further strengthening Germany’s pioneering role by promoting sustainable and innovative nutritional solutions

“Alternative protein sources have the potential to change the food industry in the long term and are already operating very successfully on international markets,” explains co-founder Fabian Ziemßen. “That’s why we should continue to push this future topic, especially at the strong innovation location of Germany, in order to play a pioneering role in the market. After all, while Germany is lagging behind in other future technologies such as e-mobility, we have the chance to play a pioneering role worldwide here.

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