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Survey: 99.8% of Chinese Respondents Would Buy Locally-Produced Plant-Based Burgers

A survey of Chinese consumers in four major cities has revealed immensely positive attitudes towards plant-based meat.

Conducted by the School of Advanced Agricultural Sciences at Peking University, the research found that a huge 99.8% of respondents would be willing to buy locally-produced plant-based burgers. 85% had already tried plant-based meat, largely due to a desire to try new things and a belief that plant-based products are healthier.

“The results reflect the strong popularity of plant-based meat in China”

Women, highly educated people, and those with a high income were the most likely to buy plant-based meat. Beijing had the highest proportion of consumers who had tried meat alternatives, at 89%.

However, a previous study in November found that 60% of Chinese consumers were only somewhat aware of plant-based meat, or not aware at all. The disparity may be due to the fact that the older study questioned consumers nationwide, while the more recent one only surveyed those in major cities.

Beyond Dumplings
© Beyond Meat

“Strong popularity”

Beyond Meat has welcomed the new survey findings, claiming to be the first plant-based multinational producer to have its own major facility in China. Beyond has been working to cater to the Chinese market with products such as plant-based pork and dumplings, which have launched across the country at major retailers and food service outlets. These include Freshippo Markets, Lawson, and Dicos.

China also has several highly successful home-grown plant-based meat companies, including Haofood, Starfield, and HEROTEIN.

“The results of the survey reflect the strong popularity of plant-based meat in China,” said Jeremy Yeo, Beyond Meat’s acting general manager in China. “At Beyond Meat, we believe that everyone deserves access to delicious and nutritious plant-based protein, and we are proud to be leading the charge in this market. Our local production and innovation facilities, as well as partnerships with leading retailers and food service providers, are contributing to the plant-based meat industry in China, and we are excited to continue our efforts to reach more consumers in the region.”

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