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Democrats Over 3 Times More Likely Than Republicans to be Vegan or Vegetarian

Horizon Media has published findings from a poll which asked US consumers what is driving what they term the “public’s fascination with plant-based alternative meat products,” and revealed some interesting differences in terms of gender, geographical location, household income, and political leanings.

The study asked people a number of questions around their perceptions and motivations in trying, or having already tried, meat alternatives such as Beyond Meat or Impossible Burger, with most people admitting to trying them purely out of curiosity, and 3% wanting to post their experience on social media! And political differences were perhaps not too surprising…

Motivations behind trying alt meat

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  • 40% of the people polled were curious what it tastes like
  • 21% wanted to try it because they heard it tastes good
  • 14% simply wanted to try something out of their comfort zone
  • 26% of people either have tried it or want to because they believe it to be a healthier option
  • 16% want to cut down on their meat consumption
  • 16% want to add more plant-based food to their diet
  • 11% want to cut down on their carbon footprint
  • 4% of people cited being vegan or vegetarian as the main reasons
  • 3% wanted to share about their experience on social media
  • 2% admitting they did not want to be left out of the craze
  • BUT 37% said they would not try a meatless fast food option anytime soon

Differences in skepticism between age groups

  • 27% of people aged 65+ said they would never consider try a meat-alternative at a fast food restaurant
  • 15% of people aged 35-64 and only 8% of 18-34 year olds would never try them


  • 13% women vs. 9% men want to try meat-alternatives to cut down on their carbon footprint
  • 6% women vs. 2% men were more likely to say they want to try meat-alternatives because they are vegan or vegetarian
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  • 32% Democrat vs. 22% Republican, 22% Independent are open to trying meat-free alternatives for health reasons
  • More Democrats cite being vegan or vegetarian (7% Democrat vs. 2% Republican),
  • Republicans are more likely than Democrats to say they would never try a meat-free alternative (26% Republican vs. 17% Democrat)


  • Midwest region was the least skeptical of trying alt meat, with 9% Midwest vs. 19% West, 18% Northeast, and 17% South saying they would never try a meat-alternative at a fast food restaurant

Household income

  • Interest within the under 100k HHI level is more driven by curiosity (41% under 100k vs. 32% 100k+),
  • Mid-income households are more likely than affluent ones to say they are interested for health reasons (32% 50-75k vs. 22% 100k+)
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