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GFI: Plant-Based Meat Market is Worth $801 million

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According to a recent GFI study, the plant-based meat category is now worth $801 million. Dollar sales of plant-based meat grew 10% in the past year and 37% over the past two years, with over 184 million units of plant-based meat sold in the past year. 15 million households are said to purchase PB meat products across the US.

This is part 2 of a series of data about the plant-based market from the Good Food Institute. For data reflecting the PB market in general, please click here for part one.

The data reveals that, of all U.S. households, 11.9% purchase plant-based meat, which equates to approximately 15 million households, representing an increase of 1.4 points or 13% from last year.

This table depicts the growth in the PB meat market since 2017 which demonstrates an increase from $584M to $801M in two years.

The data shows that growth in plant-based meat is not just due to increases in distribution—category dollar velocity is also increasing, indicating that plant-based meat is selling at a faster rate than it did one year ago.

Frozen plant-based meat products were shown to account for 73% of all plant-based meat dollar sales, with refrigerated PB meat accounting for 26% and shelf-stable plant-based meats only 1%.

Burgers are the best selling type of PB meat, with sales reaching $241M, followed by nuggets, strips and cutlets,which together reached $143M, and sausages at $124 million.

SPINS found that plant-based seafood accounts for just $9.4 million (1.2%) of total PB meat sales, with around 95% of these sales coming from the frozen section. Plant-based seafood is described in the report as a market white space. Impossible Foods recently revealed its plans to compete in the vegan seafood market, which would likely raise the visibility of this section.

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With thanks to the GFI.

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