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Give up Animal-Based Shelf Space for Plant-Based Alternatives to Improve Your Bottom Line

A new report has highlighted why it is in retailers’ best interests to sell more plant-based products and how alt meats can drive turnover and profit. In partnership with vegconomist, food awareness organization ProVeg International has revealed how retailers can improve their bottom line through plant-based profits. 

Revealing that 86% of plant-based consumers are flexitarians and that demand for plant-based alternatives has doubled in the last two years, the new ProVeg report shows how plant-based can be more profitable for retailers than animal-based, while also boosting sustainability and net-zero targets. Retailers can see increased overall profits of up to 37% by following the strategy outlined. 

ProVeg International
Image courtesy of ProVeg International

Leading retailers are moving away from the conventional segmentation of animal-based and plant-based products and are embracing consumer demand for ‘protein aisles’ which offer both, with the placing of plant-based alternatives in the same aisles as their conventional equivalents potentially increasing sales by 23%, according to the report. 

ProVeg International offers expert advice on plant-based merchandising, working across the whole value chain. The New Food Hub in association with vegconomist is the ultimate guide to unlocking the power of plant-based revenue. To read the full report just click here. 

“The fact that the vast majority of consumers buying plant-based products are flexitarians shows the incredible mainstream potential of these products. By increasing your plant-based range across categories, you can give consumers the nutritious, sustainable, and delicious products they’re demanding,” states Stephanie Jaczniakowska-McGirr, Head of Food Industry & Retail, ProVeg International.



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