• GrubHub’s “Taste of 2019” Reveals Most Popular Dishes, Trends of the Year, and Most Vegan-Friendly States

    US food delivery marketplace Grubhub yesterday released its annual Year in Food report which reveals: the top ten orders of 2019; the top plantbased orders; trends on the rise and decline; and the best and worst states in the US for veganism. “One thing is clear: plant-based foods are here to stay, with a majority of 2019’s top foods comprising of vegetarian- or vegan-friendly options,” says the report.

    Grubhub analyzed tens of millions of orders placed by more than 21 million diners on its platform to provide some fascinating insights into consumer habits and preferences from 2019. For example, this year, seven of the most popular dishes were plantbased, whereas in 2018 there were only three non-meat dishes in the top ten. Click here to watch the video.

    While cauliflower dishes last year featured the 7th and 10th spots in the top ten most popular orders, in 2019 cauliflower took the number one spot, with cauliflower pizza dishes seeing a 650% rise in popularity. Celery juice and oat milk saw 302% and 285% rise in popularity (respectively), and the vegan burger was 128% more popular this year.

    Ten most popular orders of 2019:  

    © Vaceslav Romanov – stock.adobe.com
    1. Cauliflower pizza: up by 650%
    2. Spicy brussel sprouts: 622%
    3. Portobello empanada: 601%
    4. Black bean & sweet potato taco: 513%
    5. Miso pork ramen: 413%
    6. Chicken burger: 318%
    7. Bone broth: 298%
    8. Brown sugar milk [bubble] tea: 281%
    9. Vegan pad thai: 280%
    10. Impossible burger: 203%

    Veganism is still a rising trend with orders of vegan foods up 27% in popularity overall in 2019. The Impossible Burger saw a more than 200% rise in popularity this year compared to 2018.

    The top meat-alternative options of 2019 (in ranking order):

    1. Impossible Burger
    2. Black bean burger
    3. Tofu
      House Foods America tofu
      ©House Foods America
    4. Mushroom burger
    5. Jackfruit

    Most Vegan-Friendly States (in ranking order):

    1. New York
    2. California
    3. Nevada
    4. Oregon
    5. Pennsylvania

    Least Vegan-Friendly States (in ranking order):

    1. Indiana
    2. Iowa
    3. North Carolina
    4. Missouri
    5. Idaho

    Trends on the Rise: GrubHub says, “it’s all about detox and milk alternatives this year”

    1. Celery juice
    2. Oat milk
      Chobani Oat Drinks four flavors
    3. Street corn

    Middle of the road: Remaining steady in popularity

    1. Poke
    2. Avocado toast
    3. Kale

    Trends on the Decline:

    • Kombucha
    • Coconut water
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