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Market Insight: The Market for Vegan Chocolate From 2017 to 2025

The market research institute “Transparency Market Research” recently published a new study with numerous analyses and forecasts relating to the market for vegan chocolate. The report covers the period 2017 to 2025 and, in addition to the various market segments, a wide variety of product categories are comprehensively examined and analysed.

Looking at the individual world regions, Europe is expected to dominate the vegan chocolate market, followed by North America. The market is assessed for its value share over the forecast period and includes factors such as health & a greener environment, disposable income, advanced technology and the presence of R&D centres linked to manufacturing facilities. The Asia-Pacific region, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa have only modest market growth potential for vegan chocolate.

The study identifies increasing health awareness and changing diets and lifestyles as the reasons for the growing demand for vegan chocolate. The rapidly spreading vegan movement will also play an important role in the future market for vegan chocolate. In addition, increasing awareness of animal cruelty in the dairy and meat industries and social aspirations towards a greener environment are drivers of vegan markets.

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