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New Whitepaper Reveals How Gen Z is Driving Change in the Plant-Based Space

Innophos has published a whitepaper called Solutions for Plant-Based Meat Substitutes, highlighting solutions to solve the challenges around formulating plant-based meat substitutes.

The new whitepaper presents case studies that showcase how the right phosphate and protein combinations can improve the texture and taste of plant-based meat substitute products.

The report covers:

  • Consumer trends and how Gen Z is driving change in the plant-based space
  • The challenges of formulating meat substitutes with plant-based proteins
  • Detailed case studies on the impact of phosphate technologies on texture in a variety of plant-based meat substitutes.

“Following a highly attended presentation at IFT First 22, we are excited to share the science behind the unique benefits that phosphates bring to plant-based products,” said Eugenia Erlij, Vice President of Marketing and Communications at Innophos.

Find more information about Innophos’ plant-based protein solutions or download the Solutions for Plant-Based Meat Substitutes whitepaper.

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