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Plant-Based Industry Projected to Increase X 100 and Reach $1.4 TRILLION

By this point, almost all of our readers will have read the report from Credit Suisse which has been widely covered by the media, “revealing” that the plant-based food industry is projected to be 100 times larger by 2050.

This is clearly intriguing news and contains encouraging figures (see below). While we are not suggesting here that such results are in any way arbitrary or largely transient depending on the month in question, here are some of our favourite stories from the past 12 months which contain similar wildly exciting data and projections about plant-based growth.  In reverse chronological order:

June 2021: Plant-based up 100% by 2050

Credit Suisse: “We see strong growth potential for alternative animal-protein products and estimate that the market for alternative meat and dairy could grow from USD 14 bn currently to USD 1.4 trn by 2050. There could thus be many interesting investment opportunities in this space in coming years”

May 2021: 40% of meat will come from cell-based

Research published in May surveyed a large, representative sample of 2,018 US and 2,034 UK consumers, regarding openness to cell-cultured meat. The results strongly suggest that cell-cultured meat is likely to make up a major part of consumers’ future diets.

Although the majority of consumers surveyed were not familiar with the concept of cell cultivated meat, upon being presented with a description, the respondents, on average, imagined that it could likely make up about 40% of their future meat intake, with conventional meat constituting around 60%.

Cultured GOOD Chicken ©Eat Just

April 2020: Huge market growth due to Covid

Study found that the market for global plant-based meat is projected to grow from USD 3.6 billion in 2020 to USD 4.2 billion by 2021, owing partly to the health benefits perceived by consumers during the pandemic.

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