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Plant Proteins Market 2018 – 2025

A new report from Garner Insights, The Plant Proteins Market – Region Wise Market Share and Revenue 2018-2025, investigates and examines the fundamental elements of the market for plant proteins.

Plant-based meat alternatives are sourced from various plant proteins such as soya beans, wheat protein, pea protein and mycoprotein. Increasing number of consumers eliminating or reducing their meat consumption is driving the market for plant-based alternatives, increasing the demand and popularity of vegan products such as tofu, tempeh, TVP, seitan, Quorn and various other plant-based meat alternatives. The market is also seeing several innovative foods being introduced, such as plant-based burger, schnitzel etc.

As of 2016, Asia Pacific had the largest share of vegan consumers (9%) and China is forecast to be one of the fastest growing markets for plant-based products. Major players of plant-based meat alternatives include Beyond Meat, Impossible Foods, Amy’s Kitchen, Sonic Biochem Extractions Ltd., MGP Ingredients, Garden Protein International Inc. and retail chains Trader Joe and Hampton Creek Foods.

News related to the growth in plant proteins is clearly not a recent phenomenon, however it confirms and verifies that that this trend is on track to continue in the coming decade. The full report is available at:

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