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Research Reveals Most Affordable Vegan Products in the UK

Voucher site has analysed a range of meat alternatives available in the UK to determine which provide the best value for money. Quorn sausages came out on top, costing an average of 58p per 100g.

A close second was Linda McCartney vegetarian mince at 60p per 100g. Heck Meat Free Vegan Chipolatas, Quorn Vegetarian Mince, and Quorn Meat Free Crispy Nuggets were next on the list, costing 65p, 66p, and 67p per 100g respectively.

At the other end of the scale was THIS Isn’t Bacon at £2.48 per 100g — 328 percent more expensive than the Quorn sausages. Beyond Meat patties were the second-most expensive at £2.36 per 100g.

THIS Isn't Bacon
THIS Isn’t Bacon by Justin DeSouza

The research averaged the prices of the products at Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Morrisons, and ASDA, since there are sometimes considerable price differences between supermarkets. However, it did not look at supermarket own-brand products, which are often more affordable than branded ones.

“Veganuary has grown in popularity every year since it began in 2014, and in that time meat alternatives have become more widely available,” said lifestyle editor Anita Naik. “As expected not all products give the same value for money but it’s surprising to see the price per 100g varying so considerably. It’s always best to shop around and you can check prices easily online to find out if you’re getting the best deal.”

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