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Study: What Germans Like to Order in Restaurants

Almost a quarter of Germans now prefer restaurants where neither fish nor meat are on the menu. This is the result of a representative study commissioned by the restaurant chain Peter Pane and the Institute for Management and Economic Research (IMWF) to survey 1,000 Germans aged 18 and over. Exactly 23% like to go to vegetarian and vegan restaurants.

“Somewhat more than six million humans in Germany nourish themselves vegetarian and eat no fish or meat. Compared to 2017, this means an increase of 400,000 people. That is a trend, which the catering trade must consider “, says Patrick boy, managing director and owner of the entrepreneurial group Paniceus, to which Peter Pane belongs. “But the vast majority of Germans still love a good piece of meat. Therefore the one wins the young generation for itself, which offers place to lasting meat consumption and vegetarianism in its restaurant. This is the gastronomy of the future.”

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When Germans go to restaurants, they like to eat meat. 53 percent of Germans always order a meat or fish dish, 37 percent from time to time. This is why restaurants where meat lovers get their money’s worth are particularly popular: for example, two thirds of Germans like to eat in burger and steak restaurants.

This makes them the most popular of the newer gastronomy concepts – in comparison to older ones such as the good middle-class, Italian or Greek cuisine. Second and third place in the popularity rankings are occupied by restaurants serving oriental and Indian cuisine, for which 49 and 47 percent of Germans, respectively, are enthusiastic. Sushi restaurants are in fourth place with 42 percent.

Germans eat out regularly

Restaurant visits are a luxury that the majority of Germans regularly indulge in. Two out of three Germans visit a restaurant at least once a month. Every fourth person claims to eat out two to three times within four weeks. Every eighth respondent even goes to a restaurant once or twice a week. A visit to a restaurant is particularly popular among younger people: 23 percent of 18- to 39-year-olds spend money at least once a week to have their meals prepared. For German citizens aged 40 to 49, the figure is 16, for those aged over 50 nine and the over 60s only eight percent

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