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Amy’s Kitchen Survey: Two-Thirds of American Parents are Curious About Vegan Foods

A new survey commissioned by organic meals brand Amy’s Kitchen finds the majority of Americans (52%) express a curiosity about vegan foods, with two-thirds, or 66%, of American parents revealing they are especially intrigued about the plant-based foods category. 

“This recent survey underscores consumers’ curiosity in plant-based meals”

According to Amy’s, who commissioned an online survey of 2,000 American adults, there are more than 100,000 internet searches per month for terms like “vegan recipes” and “vegetarian recipes”, which it says demonstrates a clear demand for plant-based meals. Looking at different groups, the survey found nearly 3-in-5 men expressed curiosity about vegan foods, while interest among Gen Z and millennials was strong, with 58% saying there were veg-curious. 

Vegan Pad Thai Noodles
©Amy’s Kitchen

Parental insights

Among parents, nearly seven in ten (69%) said they struggle to find convenient, healthy meals for their kids and also seek shortcuts for preparing plant-based meals. Most parents (71%) said they would be willing to spend more on food if it were healthy, while 54% are looking for frozen meals large enough to feed the whole family. 

Amy's Plant-Based Foods Survey
©Amy’s Kitchen

Convenience is king

 Amy’s survey also found that many adults desire time-saving solutions for preparing plant-forward dishes, with 56% saying they want shortcuts for cooking plant-based meals. 

According to the research, most consumers’ top motivations for purchasing or eating plant-based foods were health (55%), a desire to protect the environment (34%), and that they preferred the taste of plant-based ingredients (28%.)

US Vegan Consumer Survey
©Amy’s Kitchen

Reflects broader trends

The survey mirrors other major trends happening in the US plant-based foods market, with a recent report by the Plant Based Foods Association and GFI finding 6-in-10 American households are now buying plant-based foods. In addition, PBFA’s report showed the sector has achieved strong loyalty among US consumers, with some categories – like plant-based milk – having repeat purchase rates of over 75%. 

Supermarket shelves with alt milk courtesy ProVeg
Image courtesy ProVeg

“Whether or not consumers choose to go vegetarian or simply want to incorporate more plants into their diets, when they choose Amy’s Kitchen they can count on the best ingredients,” said Amy’s Kitchen Chief Culinary Officer, Fred Scarpulla. “This recent survey underscores consumers’ curiosity in plant-based meals, and we’re thrilled to feed that curiosity with delicious, organic vegetarian meals.”

More information on Amy’s survey can be found here

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