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Survey Puts Health and Wellness First for Americans

The global polling company YouGov has revealed that improving overall health and wellness was high on the list of New Year’s resolutions for Americans. The survey detailed the health goals of consumers, as well as their changing perceptions of plant-based products.

Polling over 1,200 US adults, 40% felt a change in diet or lifestyle was in order for 2019. The survey’s results highlight how wellness has crept into the mainstream consumer outlook. Importantly, the Christmas holiday season did not skew the results, as the survey was carried out in late November last year, before the traditional period of overindulgence.

Yet maybe the most telling finding was that 34% of consumers said they would consider including plant-based food products, in place of meat or dairy alternatives, into their diet as a practical means to get healthier and reach their goals. This reflects how, what was once considered a niche diet has now become part of the global consumer consciousness.

The survey was conducted on behalf of Kite Hill, a US producer of artisan almond milk foods such as yogurt, cheeses and even pastas. Over half (51%) of the respondents indicated they are interested in trying almond based products, further showing the shift in consumer attitudes.

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