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Survey Shows Consumers Want More Plant-Based Pies, Pastries, and Ready Meals

A survey conducted by alt-meat company Gold&Green Foods has examined which plant-based ready meals and snacks customers would most like to see. Plant-based pies and pastries were the most in-demand, with 35 percent of respondents wanting more options.

The survey showed an increasing desire for clean-label foods and transparency on packaging, with 59 and 51 percent of respondents respectively mentioning these factors. Plant-based versions of Italian meals such as pasta and pizza were also in high demand, along with takeaway curries.

Many respondents said they currently don’t buy a lot of ready meals because they believe them to be too calorific, not nutritious enough, and too processed. Over 40 percent said they wanted options that were better for the environment.

OmniEat ©Green Monday

As we reported in November, the market for plant-based ready meals is soaring, with 16 percent of ready meals in the UK now plant-based and new options being launched continuously from Spain to China. Even back in 2019, GoodDot reported it was selling 15,000 vegan ready meals a day in India.

“The reality is consumers are actively reducing their meat intake to better their health (64 percent), do their bit for the planet (48 percent), and support animal welfare,” Simon Solway, Country Manager of OOH and Retail at Gold&Green Foods, told New Food Magazine. “By reflecting these post-Covid values with some plant-based power, manufacturers can very easily give their ready meals real appeal!”

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