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The Ten Best Vegan Burgers in the World 2021 as Revealed by Global Consumer Reviews

abillion, the sustainability-focused consumer review platform, has released its awards for the World’s 10 Best Vegan Burgers, 2021. Based on its review data, consumer interest for vegan burger products increased by three times between July 2020 and June 2021, compared to the previous year.

The awards were determined by evaluating over 12,000 reviews (based on consumer ratings, the number of reviews, and consumer sentiment scores) of plant-based burger products posted between 1 July 2020 through 30 June 2021 by members from 62 countries. Countries whose members posted the most reviews are Argentina, Canada, Chile, Germany, Italy, Mexico, South Africa, Spain, UK and the USA.


The World’s 10 Best Vegan Burgers 2021:

  1. Beyond Burger (Beyond Meat, USA)
  2. Burger Vegetali Classici (Unconventional, Italy)
  3. Beyond Breakfast Sausage Classic Patties (Beyond Meat, United States)
  4. Impossible Burger (Impossible Foods, USA)
  5. Burger Vegetali Al Pomodoro (Unconventional, Italy)
  6. NotBurger (NotCo, Chile)
  7. Next Level Burger (Next Level Meat, Germany)
  8. Heura Burger (Heura, Spain)
  9. Hamburguesas de Soja (Vegetalex, Argentina)
  10. Chicken-Style Burgers (Fry’s Family Food Co, UK)
Unconventional Burger
Unconventional Burger, ©abillion

While most of the lineup need no introduction, products by Granarolo’s Unconventional Burger have placed 2nd and 5th in this year’s list. Granarolo is one of the biggest food companies in Italy, founded in 1957. The company is traditionally known for meat and dairy though it does have a line in non-dairy drinks and a range of vegan ready meals. In March 2020, during the pandemic, Granarolo debuted the Unconventional Burger, which went on to become one of the five most successful brands for the company within a few months of its launch.

Vikas Garg, Founder and CEO, abillion, says, “The popularity of alternative protein products is growing among people thanks to increasing accessibility. These products are great alternatives, not just for vegans, but for everyone. In fact, 65% of our members are flexitarians and omnivores that are looking to reduce their meat consumption. Our intention with these awards is to celebrate the brands our members love; help others discover these fantastic sustainable and healthy products; and also help keep brands informed about consumer preferences in their market categories. I particularly look forward to the burger awards each year because, well, who doesn’t love a good burger?” abillion dishes out several awards and publishes research papers throughout the year.

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