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Two Thirds of the Planet Eating More Plant-based

DuPont Nutrition & Health have revealed the results of their analysis of over 1,000 consumers, which show that 65 percent of consumers around the globe are purchasing more plant-based food and drinks.

The research was carried out with HealthFocus® International, and highlights important trends and the massive potential in the plant-based market. More than a trend – in fact – DuPont’s Marketing Leader Greg Paul calls this shift a “megatrend” which has a bright future. “There is a seismic shift occurring in eating habits globally, creating a significant market opportunity. Most important, our research reveals that for most consumers, this has moved beyond experimentation into a permanent change brought on by health, lifestyle and social factors.”

The participants in the study were grouped into the following consumer segments using a proprietry health and wellness segmentation model: Health Helpers, Weight Strugglers, Health Wise, Taste Driven, Good Life and Just Food. DuPont state that, in learning the preferences and demands of each group, we can develop a heightened understanding of this rapidly evolving market.

The results showed that in all segments, consumers cited that a plant-based diet makes them feel healthier. It also found that just under 60 percent of participants plan for their plant-based direction to be a permanent change. In terms of prevention, taste was cited as the biggest barrier stopping people from consuming plant-based food.

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