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UK: Vegan Orders on Deliveroo Increased by 330% Since 2017

According to inews, orders for plantbased menu items on UK food app Deliveroo have risen by 330% in just two years, with popular vegan delivery dishes including Wagamama’s vegatsu curry and By Chloe’s Guacamole Burger.

Deliveroo says that the number of producers offering options for vegans on the platform has grown by 168% in 2019 alone. Last year, it named the ‘vegan dirty burger’ as its biggest trend, referring to the new wave of alt meat burgers on the UK market, including the Honest Burger as well, of course, as the omipresent Beyond Burger.

Joe Groves from Deliveroo said: “Whether flexitarian or full fledged vegan, Deliveroo customers are embracing the growing choices of vegan foods available for delivery. No longer resigned to just salads, Brits are loving imitation meats, vegan-friendly alternatives and the infamous dirty vegan dishes.”

This June we reported similar news related to the rise of vegan orders in the US; Deliveroo’s American equivalent, GrubHub, released information which showed that vegan orders had increased by 25% so far (by June) in 2019 and that the Impossible Burger is the most popular late night order across North America.

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