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Vegans and Reducitarians “A Threat to Burger and Chicken Restaurants”

A report by Mintel, titled BURGER AND CHICKEN RESTAURANTS – UK – SEPTEMBER 2018” states that British chicken and burger restaurants are viewing vegan meat alternatives as a threat, and are increasingly having to accept vegan alternatives to harness growth possibilities. The publication reports that “millennial tendencies in the UK have translated adoption of meat-free diets, thus adversely affecting chicken based products in the country. ”

The report says that “the trend of consumers cutting back on eating meat” is the biggest threat to the popularity of burger and chicken restaurants in the UK, and that this trend is driven by young millennials who are either fully vegan or who are simply eating more plant-based dishes. “Operators now need to tackle this issue by offering consumers more varied choice, including vegan burgers.”

Key players noted in the report include those restaurants traditionally very successful on the British high street, such as McDonald’s, KFC, and Burger King amongst others. The report cites the popularity of the Beyond Burger as a factor; “In addition to the already existing beef and chicken variations, this new vegan burger will share shelf space in pursuit of new clientele, thus fostering growth in burger and chicken restaurants market in the UK”

It also cites fried chicken chain KFC, saying that they are set to launch an “array of fake meat products in several places across the UK. The product is expected to mimic the taste of meat, thus allowing meat lovers to have a meatless meaty taste, aligning with end-user preferences. The development will encompass popular KFC dishes such as chicken wings to accommodate a diverse group of consumers.”






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