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While Beyond’s New Healthy Burgers Emerge, Almost 25% of Americans Are Buying Meat Alternatives

A report commissioned by Herbalife Nutrition has found that around 23 percent of Americans have tried alt-meat products. The study also found that sales of plant-based products had increased by 35 percent since the beginning of the pandemic.

As usual, much of this growth is being driven by flexitarians rather than vegans. When asked why they were buying plant-based products, consumers cited environmental reasons, health concerns, and animal rights issues.

Similarly, another recent OnePoll survey found that 43 percent of Americans had reduced their meat consumption and 25 percent had reduced or cut out dairy. 23 percent were also limiting egg consumption. 

Could this suggest that the average American consumer is getting healther? Certainly the average US consumer is becoming increasingly interested in reducing meat, and products such as Beyond Meat are nailing this market.

Beyond Sausage Sunrise Cheddar Einstein Bros. Bagels
©Beyond Meat

Last week Beyond announced that it is working on two varieties of lean burgers which are much lower in saturated fat than ground beef. By better distributing the fat, it aims to create burgers that are healthier but just as juicy.

A study from Stanford University published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, as reported by the food institute, found that people who switched to Beyond Meat lost 2-lbs. on average and saw bad cholesterol levels drop.

“We’re trying to deliver more juice and more of that savory, mouthwatering taste. And you can do that by making the fat that you use simply work harder,” says Beyond’s Ethan Brown.

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