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Albert Heijn Reveals 44.1% of Proteins Sold in 2023 Were Plant-Based

In a new sustainability report, Dutch supermarket chain Albert Heijn has revealed that 44.1% of the proteins it sold last year were plant-based. This figure is up from 42.6% in 2022.

The increase is partially due to the launch of Albert Heijn’s own-brand plant-based range, AH Terra, which is claimed to be the largest offered by any Dutch supermarket. It features over 200 products, including meat and dairy alternatives, snacks, and appetisers.

The retailer is now aiming for 50% of the proteins it sells to be plant-based by 2025, and 60% by 2030 — a goal which is claimed to be more ambitious than those set by the Paris Agreement and the Dutch government. To help achieve this, Albert Heijn will expand AH Terra with new options such as pizza and ready meals, and will make the range as affordable as possible. 65 AH Terra products are already described as budget-friendly “Price Favourites”, and members of My Albert Heijn Premium receive a 10% discount on the entire range.

Albert Heijn has also been working to improve the nutritional value of its plant-based products; 85% of the chain’s own-brand meat alternatives now have a NutriScore of A or B, and a range of vegetable-rich plant-based meal kits has been introduced.

Albert Heijn sustainability report
© Albert Heijn

“Conscious and sustainable”

To encourage behavioural change among consumers, Albert Heijn offers plant-based recipes in its magazine, Allerhande. A plant-based insert was included in the Christmas edition of the magazine, while 201 plant-based recipes have been added to the Allerhande website. A tool has also been introduced on the site to allow customers to swap ingredients for a vegetarian or vegan alternative.

Additionally, Albert Heijn collaborates with Unilever and the Netherlands National Postcode Lottery to offer participants a gift card to spend on plant-based products. The campaign is believed to have saved 1,872 tons of CO2e in 2023, equivalent to flying around the world 298 times.

During the Netherlands’ Week Without Meat and Dairy, Albert Heijn featured vegetarian and plant-based products in its special offers, and offered customers a trial discount on meat-free foods.

“By leading the protein transition and expanding our range of plant-based proteins, we offer our customers the opportunity to make more conscious and sustainable choices,” said Carlijn Olthof, Director of Commerce for Convenience, Vegan, and Foodservice at Albert Heijn. “With the introduction of own-brand line AH Terra, plant-based eating and drinking becomes even easier. The products are tasty, affordable, and of top quality. If everyone eats plant-based, a huge step can be made in the protein transition.”

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