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Happy Earth Day from Miami’s JOI with Launch of the First Ever Compostable Plant Milk

JOI – the Miami-based vegan milk concentrate brand – has introduced what it claims to be the first-ever truly zero waste plant milk product. In time for today’s celebrations of Earth Day, the clean-label plant milk company has released an oat milk product designed to be the most sustainable plant milk on the market

JOI differs from other milk brands as it focuses on concentrates – what it calls Plant Bases – rather than liquid products which imply significantly more waste. Made with just one ingredient, JOI’s latest oat powder consists entirely of gluten free, USDA Certified Organic oats and comes packaged in a compostable pouch. At just under 12 ounces, the pouch can make a gallon of oat milk, and it claims to be the first-ever dairy alternative with packaging that will completely decompose.


When blended or whisked with water, the Organic Oat Powder becomes a completely customizable oat milk. The powder also lasts up to nine months, even without refrigeration, further extending its sustainable credentials. The oat drink market continues to soar, with figures showing that the market is set to grow at nearly 8% CAGR through 2031. 

“Reducing impact on the planet has always been at the heart of JOI’s mission, and the Organic Oat Powder is a major milestone in our goal to provide consumers with dairy alternatives that have as little impact on the environment as possible,” explains Hector Gutierrez, CEO of JOI. “As we grow, our core focus remains reducing packaging waste across all of JOI’s products, and to continuously improve our overall sustainability efforts.” 

 JOI is available to purchase at



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